About newezone (and the Founder).

newezone is a “resurrected” website that was first created as a “webmaster community” in 2001. It was my first attempt at building a community. I was learning as I was going along. These archive.org links are a little “cringy” for me to look at today, as I have obviously progressed since those early days, where I hand-coded every web page in notepad (for real), but it was heaps of fun to build. I loved the original community, the site partners and members. We all knew each other (or got to know each other). Good times!

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Over the years, I moved into employment in IT, and I kind of worked on newezone as a hobby when I felt like it — but in the end it pretty much just fizzled out into the never never. Until now, 2019!

However, one thing has not changed. I still FIRMLY believe in the principals of creating a strong, useful and relevant community that is founded in the concept: You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours; a community that exists to help and serve each other — not leech off, use and spam each other.

The original community linked to each other. We helped each other code. We pooled our resources; made banners and ads for each other. We had each other’s personal email addresses or even phone numbers. We registered on and moderated each others others forums and helped to keep them relevant and resourceful. We ran radio shows, chat rooms (both IRC and later: video — as video chats started to become a thing. Loved Stickam! RIP). Again, these are some of the best memories I have in my life — as far as web development and community goes. It was a million times more exciting than what social media has become today (for the most part). Those really were the good old days..

The resurrected newezone community aims to revive that exact same spirit. The only difference is I have moved into business and marketing now. The “webmaster” skills are still useful and relevant. I built, maintain and promote this website myself, entirely. No team! But quite frankly, business and marketing is where the profit is. That’s where my passion is now. So newezone 2.0 is a “Marketing Advice Community” as opposed to a “Webmaster Community”.

I run another website called FreedomWorkshop. It’s a “free speech” social media alternative. If you’d like to discuss “webmaster” issues, feel free to join the newezone Webmaster Community group on FreedomWorkshop.

With newezone 2.0, I want to build a community that is GENUINELY there to help each other and become actual acquaintances. newezone is not a place for people to not contribute for 2 months, show up, drop 15 links around the forum and disappear again for 2 months. As a matter of fact, the newezone community forums have one purpose and one purpose only: To submit topics designed to help people, or to answer questions on topics that people are asking for help about. That’s it! Plain and simple.

The newezone forums are NOT for general conversation and chit-chat (apart from the actual forum section by that name). There are many thousands of other popular forums and social media communities that serve that purpose. The newezone forums are more like an interactive article library; kind of like a wiki site that people can respond to. A forum software is the very best tool for this concept and structure.

The forums exist exclusively for members to write posts/articles, sharing the height of what they know about a certain topic; to help and educate others. The topics must be written exclusively for the newezone community (not recycled or rewritten). They must not contain links, ads or promotions (except in very special, necessary circumstances). The articles/posts are submitted with no ulterior motives (ie: not to get backlinks, or as a veiled brand promotion campaign). The “spirit” behind every post should be to genuinely help and/or inform other members. 100%. Period. The end.

You may also ask a specific question, requesting expertise from other members. Responses must( first and foremost) responded to by people that know what they’re talking about. The responses should be thorough, genuine and sincerely designed to educate the person that asked the question (no babble or attention grabbing); and should contain little to no small talk at all. When we post on newezone, it should be done professionally, to the point and with the primary objective to help and serve the community.

When new site visitors find their way to newezone and check out the forums, the idea is that they should quickly come to the conclusion: “Wow, this looks like a really professional, useful resource. I want to join immediately!”

Benefits of newezone Membership

newezone has a marketing advice forum, as well as a social media community complete with activity feed, private chat, profiles and more.

As a member of newezone, you’ll have the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and willingness to help others on the Marketing Advice Forums (which is the hub of newezone 2.0) — in the spirit of sincerity and a genuinely intention to lift others up. As you establish your credibility on the forums, you can add more friends to your newezone social media profile, which will read your activity feed, where you can pretty much do your own thing and post what ever you like regarding your business, strategies, branding, other social media efforts, etc. If you want to post links, self promote, introduce your brand, post videos to your funnels, etc.. the newezone social media community is the place to do it. Go for your life. Have at it. But the forums are not for this..

I have very high hopes and expectations for the resurrected newezone; newezone v2.0. I wholeheartedly believe we’re going to build one of the largest, most useful, helpful, well-intentioned and vibrant marketing advice communities on the Internet.


Leonard Wass