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As the About page outlines, newezone is a resurrected community that was originally launched in 2001. I have owned the domain since then. I’ve wanted to relaunch the community but have always been too wrapped up in other projects.

I am extremely excited about the relaunch. At the time I’m writing this post, the site is about 20% configured. There are dead and empty pages all over the place. I intend to launch the new community in about one month from now.

Right now it is Monday, 28th of January. By the weekend I hope to have all the peepso plugins installed and configured, as well as SEO functionality, blog categories, forum sections and everything else — all ready to go.

Over the next 2-3 weeks after that I’ll invite some family and friends, do some testing, make sure everything is running well, create some social media accounts — and then I’ll start some advertising campaigns and launch the site.

I believe newezone will some be one of the largest marketing advice communities online. That’s my goal. I have BIG plans for newezone v2.0.

I also have several other websites that I’d like to grow significantly during 2019. I have only recently discovered the peepso WordPress software, and I think it’s the bees knees! Love it. peepso is going to help em a LOT over the coming year or two. Fantastic software.

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